Geospatial Analysis - A comprehensive guide

A free web-based GIS resource - Dr Michael de Smith and Prof Paul Longley, University College London, and Prof Mike Goodchild, UC Santa Barbara

London - University College area

Case studies

Data collection, analysis and modelling
DEFRA Noise Mappingprovides survey- and model-derived maps of the levels of road, rail, air transport and industrial noise across England. A PDF describing the original London Noise Map project can be foundhere

London Air Quality Networkcontains downloadable data, graphs, 2D maps and 3D visualisations of air quality in and around Greater London. Measurements are collected either hourly or twice daily from continuous monitoring sites, processed and checked then placed on this web site with an hourly update

Crime statistics for London - several facilities available via interactive maps For more information on crime analysis see theJill Dando Institute of Crime Science website

Health statistics- Health statistics and education
Open access papers of theInternational Journal of Health Geographics

MapTubeA Place to Put Maps - launched with over 40,000 users contributing information
World Mapper Cartogram-based (density-equalizing) mapping