Geospatial Analysis - A comprehensive guide

A free web-based GIS resource - Dr Michael de Smith and Prof Paul Longley, University College London, and Prof Mike Goodchild, UC Santa Barbara

Educational Resources

The Geospatial Revolution - Penn State University Videos: Episodes 1-4 (2010)

Resources (see below) and Case Studies

An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis in R and Visualisation in R - a newly finalized (May 2017) PDF document providing an excellent series of tutorials on the use of R for Spatial Data Analysis (by Guy Lansley and James Cheshire, UCL): An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis in R.pdf

An Introduction to Spatial Data Analysis and Visualisation in R (2016): CDRC Tutorials (self register for access) - excellent resource created by Guy Lansley and James Cheshire, UCL

GIS and Big Data presentation, Oct 2014 - the following PDF (Powerpoint presentation) by Prof Mike Goodchild provides a series of slides on the role of Big Data in GIS and GIS Science: GIS and Big Data Presentation

GIS, Big Data and Data-driven Geography Paper - GeoJournal 2014 - the following PDF by Prof Harvey Miller and Prof Mike Goodchild provides a more detailed discussion Big Data in GIS and GIS Science: GIS and Big Data Paper

A set of free Powerpoint presentations are available for Universities and Colleges wishing to use these in conjunction with the book in printed or PDF format. Please note: most of the the PPT files were updated for the 3rd edition! The files are designed to provide templates that can be augmented with your own materials and examples, or extracted slides can be embedded in your own Powerpoint presentations. They include main topic bullet points, many of the diagrams and images used in the text, and some of the equations. They can be used on an unrestricted basis but their source should be acknowledged. There are 13 of these (most are c.1Mbyte chapter6B.ppt is the largest):

In addition to the Powerpoint files mentioned above there is also a zip file of datasets and spreadsheets etc used to create many of the examples illustrated, all of which you are free to use. There is are two documents in the zip file that describe these, datasets.doc for the 2nd edition and datasetsV3.doc for the 3rd edition. You can download this zip filehere (2Mbytes). This file contains these datasets and associated spreadsheets etc. In some cases (Ordnance Survey data mainly) the document shows information highlighted in yellow. In these cases the subfolders containing this information have been omitted from the collection supplied

PPDAC Methodology Example - the following document provides an example of applying the PPDAC methodology to Noise Mapping (see also,Case Studies section): noise.pdf

CATMOG: The (almost)complete set of CATMOG booklets (Concepts and techniques in modern geography) are now available as free downloads from QMRG